Join the Parrsboro Radio Society!

Anyone from Parrsboro and surrounding communities can join by e-mailing the RadioSociety through the “Contact us” link here or at the top of this page.

The Radio Society welcomes members and volunteers to help with live programming and important behind-the-scenes work. Please contact us to get involved.

The Parrsboro Radio Society (PRS) was incorporated as a non-profit organization under Nova Scotia’s Societies Act on June 4, 1999. It is governed by by-laws registered with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks. The Society and station are run by a volunteer board, volunteer workers, a volunteer program manager and a technical director.  The board of directors is responsible to the membership at large.

The PRS Board of Directors:

Lyle Yorke - chairperson

Saundra Spence - vice chairperson and station manager

Treasurer - vacant

Florence York - secretary

Dora Fuller

Shirley Brown

Fred O'Hearn - program manager

Ross Robinson

The station’s Recognized Agent (the person authorized to receive documents on behalf of the society) is Ross Robinson, who also serves as CICR’s technical director. Between 1999 and September 2008, the station only broadcast part time, mainly covering special events. It received its full-time licence on September 19, 2008 which allowed the station to broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Shirley Brown was the lucky winner of the draw for the beautiful commemoration quilt.  The draw was made at the Cross Roads Co-operative at 4:00 p.m. on February 14th, 2018 by Cross Roads Co-op manager Rob Flecknell.  Thank you all for your ongoing support!